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We rescued Tikka in February 2019 from an overcrowded shelter in Kentucky. She is a very sweet girl who tends to get a little too hyper at times, but that's mainly because she loves attention and wants to be at the center of everything that is going on around her.

Tikka gets along with all the other dogs at the Sanctuary with the exception of Haley, our 9 year old Beagle. We think that it is her hyperness that aggrevates the older dog and leads to a fight between them, but we have discovered that if we let them out of their kennels a few minutes apart, they don't bother each other. Tikka has taken on the role of mother hen to all the other dogs, including Haley.

Because of her hyperness, we don't recommend adopting her if you have little children that she could knock over. We think she would do best as an only dog or with another dog that wouldn't be bothered by her constant mothering and hyperness.

Tikka went to the vet on October 14th, 2019 to get updated on her shots and checked for heartworms. She also had her ears cleaned and nails trimmed. She tested negative for heartworms.

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* Receive a $125 refund after showing proof, copy of vet bill, that Tiny has been neutered.